Terry Hanck to Provide Soulful Entertainment at Twin Pine Casino in the Bay Area

Once again, Twin Pine Casino in the Bay Area treats music lovers to a world-class live music. On November 11 and 12 from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., saxophonist Terry Hanck will bring his unique brand of the blues to the Grapevine Bar & Lounge.

Described by Lee Hildebrand, a writer for Living Blues Magazine, as “one of the most formidable saxophonists in the blues and soul business,” Hanck and bandmates Johnny Soubrand, Butch Cousins, and Tim Wagar, put on an amazing show. Their songs range from upbeat, energetic anthems to slow, steamy ballads. Post originally appeared on TwinPine.com blog page.


The Bay area entertainment scene reaches way far beyond the City!

For the most part, the Napa Valley is known for its beautiful rolling hills of vineyards and wineries around every corner. And that’s not a bad thing! But Napa has so much more going on in and around it that it would be a shame for you to vist without experiencing what the area has to offer all year round. Knowing what to expect when you get there will help you make the most of your roadtrip or vacation!

One thing you might not know about the area is that you always want to pack a coat. Although it is on the border of Northern and Central California, it is still somewhat located in the hills a bit. Sure the tempratures during the day are pretty mild for the most part, but once te sun goes down, they tend to drop below what might be comfortable. Packing a sweater or light jacket should do the trick, but shorts and flip flops are not advized.


Bay Area entertainment is unparalleled…and it’s good for you! Seriously!

As crazy as it may sound, the main key to productivity has a lot to do with taking time off. That’s right, a vacation may be one of the most important aspects of getting you in “gear.” Sure, your boss may not agree, but if you look at an internal study done at the Boston based professional services firm Ernst & Young, the amount of an employee production goes up nearly eight percent for every ten extra hours of vacation they receive annually.

Believe it or not, but according to Glassdoor’s Q1 2014 Employment Confidence Survey, Americans are only taking half of their allotted vacation time. In fact, those who actually do end up taking a vacation, three out of five of them admit to working when enjoying their excursions, while nearly 20 percent have reported being contacted by a work supervisor or a coworker about work related issues.


Entertainment in Popular Napa Valley Casinos Extends Past Gambling

Listening to live music in Napa is a great way to spend an evening with friends or to wash away the frustration of a bad hand. You may even discover and fall in love with a new band! Be sure to check the hotel restaurant’s website for a list of performers during your stay to help you better plan your evening.

Winery Tour

Take a tour of some of the world-class wineries in Napa Valley. Sometimes, these tours even include horse-drawn carriage rides and wine tasting. For an even better experience, try scheduling these tours during autumn. You can always ask the front desk for suggestions if you don’t know which tour to sign up for.


Entertainment Never in Short Supply in Prestigious Napa Valley Casinos


Whether you are looking to win the big one or are simply looking for a way to pass the time, you might want to visit prestigious Napa Valley casinos like Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and try your luck for a few hours on the slot machine. If you want a little more excitement, try playing classic casino table games like Blackjack or Texas Hold’em.


There are dining options for virtually every type of cuisine imaginable in the area. Some restaurants even provide live music to enhance the dining experience of patrons.